Microsoft+Windows+XP+Professional+32 bit+en US+ +Black+Edition+v2011.11.10 telecharger Windows XP Pro SP3 32bit Black Edition 2012.6.17 torrent

waqarr telecharger Windows XP Pro SP3 32bit Black Edition 2012.6.17 torrent

All the latest Windows XP updates are included with over 200 MB additional LAN, WLAN, and SATA/AHCI drivers.This Windows XP updatable no Windows XP Activation or Crack is needed, A CD-Key with all the other user inputs will be filled in automatically during the Windows XP installation.A few useful programs are included and some preconfigured settings, But you can choose after the windows XP installation if you want to integrate it or not.
Some useless Windows XP components are removed to make it slimmer and a little bit faster, But nothing has been removed that could cause system problems or any problems with other software applications.

2012.6.17 Changelog:
* Replaced « Virtual CloneDrive v5.4.5.0″ with « WinCDEmu v3.6″.
* Updated DriverPack MassStorage form « v12.03″ to « v12.06″.
* Updated DriverPack LAN from « v12.02″ to « v12.05″.
* Updated K-Lite Mega Codec Pack from « v8.6.0″ to « v8.9.0″.
* Updated SumatraPDF from « v2.0.1″ to « v2.1.1″.
* Updated Flash Player ActiveX Control form « v11.2.202.228″ to « v11.3.300.257″.
* Updated Java SE Runtime Environment (JRE) from « v7 Update 3″ to « v7 Update 5″.
* Updated Microsoft Silverlight from « v5.0.61118.0″ to « v5.1.10411.0″.
* Updated Windows XP Root Certificates Update (KB931125) from « Version February 2012″ to « Version April 2012″.
* Updated Tweak « Suppressing Microsoft Update nagging to install Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool (KB890830) » from « v4.7.6100″ to « v4.9″.
* Updated Microsoft Windows Update Web Control from « v7.6.7600.243″ to « v7.4.7600.256″.
* Updated Microsoft Update Catalog Web Control from « v7.4.7057.248″ to « v7.4.7057.249″.
* Updated Microsoft Update Web Control from « v7.6.7600.243″ to « v7.4.7600.256″.
* Integrated all Windows XP Service Pack 3 Updates form 11.4.2012 till 12.6.2012.

unpack with winrar
Burn the Disc at the lowest possible speed.
Don’t use old scratched Discs.
read full instructions in readme file for proper installation.


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